In the 1960s, photographer Duane Michals wandered the streets of New York City during early Sunday morning hours in order to capture rare, quiet moments while the metropolis was still asleep.

On GoT: It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the ending because you don’t know what it is. Well, actually, I do know. (x)

OCC Technopagan Lip Tar (Metallic)

My teenage self would orgasm if she saw these swatches. This and Black Metal Dahlia are probably the coolest lip products I’ve ever seen.

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got so bored I not only washed my hair but blow-dried it as well. with one of those tangly pain-in-the-ass brush thingies and all.

Fargo FX: a cool show about a nice man who smiles a lot and shows people that they can be the change they want to see in the world

Well, you can’t say that Gus Grimly didn’t listen.

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Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


Filming a rainbow when suddenly.