An all-star cast heads up BBC One’s brand new period comedy series Blandings, based on PG Wodehouse’s celebrated stories and adapted by Guy Andrews (Lost In Austen).

Set in 1929 in the fictional Blandings Castle, Timothy Spall plays the amiable but befuddled Lord Emsworth (Clarence to his friends), who struggles to keep his dysfunctional family in order and usually adds to the chaos himself. All Clarence wants is to be left at peace with his beloved pig The Empress but his plans are often thwarted by an array of friends, visitors, servants and spongers. Jennifer Saunders stars as his indomitable sister Connie, Jack Farthing as hapless, unlucky-in-love son Freddy and Mark Williams as loyal and long- suffering butler Beach.

Sunday 13 January

More info here.

I fell in love with Wodehouse (AND Fry & Laurie) the moment I saw Jeeves and Wooster. Since then I have read quite a few of the “Jeeves” stories, but have never read the Blandings ones. I don’t doubt they’ll be just as funny, silly, charming and (in Wodehouse’s inimitable way) surreal.
Add to that the great Timothy Spall and the always amazing Jennifer Saunders, and I think the Beeb has a new hit show on its hands. Yay!

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    This show is hilarious!
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    Somebody tell me that this turned out well because OH MY GOD.
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    MORE WODEHOUSE??? Okay, 2013, you are tentatively un-fired.
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    So excited. They even have the Empress of Blandings featured in the pictures!
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