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Television 30 Day Challenge

Curious? Ask away...  

Peggy: Then why are you using your sexy voice?
Stan: *Chuckles* Tuesday morning’s great.
Peggy: For what? Ooh! Why didn’t you say so? You can bring her!
Stan: It’ll be dead by morning.
(Camera pans from close-up to wide-shot to show both Stan and the woman. Stan hangs up.)

Let’s overanalyse this, shall we.
Firstly, Peggy admits his voice can be sexy. He laughs, both at the matter-of-factness of that statement and because he’s (probably) pleased she finds his voice sexy.
Secondly, their off-camera friendship is deep enough that they have a code for “can’t talk, I have someone over” situations.
Finally, they could have used so many different camera angles for the “dead by morning” line. Choosing to pan it to wide-shot of the bed as Stan delivers the line means that not only the rat, but also any connection he has with the woman will be dead by morning.

I truly hope the show doesn’t end without them having hooked up. I don’t care if they have a relationship or just fuck, but they need to happen!


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